Over 35 Years
of Beautifying New York

Excellence & Professionalism Throughout The Generations


Frank Marando Landscaping has been driven by our mission to satisfy the distinctive and discerning interests of landscaping design challenges brought to us by Tri-State residents, businesses, and city agencies. We serve sophisticated clients with vastly disparate environments from green public spaces to dense northern forests. For 35+ years and through three Marando generations, we have dependably met these challenges with expansive projects like Urban Gardens, Private Green Rooftops, Landscape Design for Public Authorities, and Lawn Care, to name a few.

Trusted by Municipal governments, landlords, architects, and designers as well as individual homeowners, our approach matches their standards. We create customized landscape settings only after consultation with clients and determination of project dynamics — including client’s design aesthetic, property layout and style, light exposure, and budget. Our satisfaction comes from the repeat business of our loyal client base.